We present the world’s favourite easy-to-play crypto game! Please follow the instructions below to learn how to play and win big.

Choose the difficulty level

  • Easy (Four cells: 3 winning cells, 1 losing cell)

Select a bet size or pick a custom amount

Use “+” and “-“ buttons to determine the bet size. Press “+” button to increase or “-“ button to decrease the bet size. Or you can input your desired amount manually.

Click play, Choose cells, Take the wins!

Click the "Play" button to start the game. Pick one of the cells in the first row, whichever you think might be a winning cell. If you do win, pick another cell in the next row. At any point (or if you chicken out), you can take your winnings by clicking the "Take" button.

If you see a "poop" in the cell, it means you lost that bet. What a bummer. But no winning, try again.

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